Unheard Concepts

new album:
the Abandoned Square


The first album with our shortened name…
released 15th September 2022

Unheard Concepts

Unheard Concepts is a trio from the Netherlands that works the other way around:
Our studio albums are 100% improvised with no agreements on chords, scales, tempo or beat. It is all about listening to and interacting with each other. Breaking the silence. Slowly...

Live we play a selection of these tracks. But before we do, we rehearse them. As improvisations. This means that although we know the flow of the pieces, no performance is the same.
The music that results from this is hard to classify, keywords are ‘cinematic' and 'visual’ and of course improvisation. You’ll recognize classical themes, jazz scales, and world grooves.

Oh, by the way… We decided to shorten our name from ‘Unheard Music Concepts’ to ‘Unheard Concepts’. Our upcoming album ’the Abandoned Square’ will be the first with the new name...


Han Post


Clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax.
Han started playing clarinet in a band club when he was seven, during his teens he switched to East European music and then moved on to jazz, and still loves to pratice Bach suites. His melodies seem to come from all over the world, and sometimes from another planet. Han is still asking himself if four different wind instruments is enough.

Marc Verhoeven

Piano, electric piano.
Marc started playing classical piano when he was six years old. During his teens he joined some pop bands, then picked up classical music again, and studied piano and compostion at the ‘Rotterdam Conservatory’.
His musical taste ranges from Bach to Zappa, and that is reflected in his playing. Sometimes one note is enough, other moments he will fill the space with solo improvisations.


Daniel Talma


Upright bass, recording, editing, mixing.
Daniel has been fascinated by sound in all it’s forms since he was a child, and could never decide wether he should play an instrument or mix them. So he does both.
He studied Music and Technology in Hilversum, played guitar, fretless bass, Chapman stick and Warr guitar, percussion, until he fell in love with the upright bass. 
He worked as a sound engineer for many years and has worked in all kinds of musical styles. 
For him, improvisation has always been a special form of music. Chance as a base. 

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