Unheard Concepts

Unheard Concepts

“this music gets you high!”


New album - Shapes

The strangest music you’ve ever heard.
Is it pop? Is it electro? Is it jazz? Is it music?

14 tracks of undescribable music, ranging from rhythmic soundscapes to up-tempo tracks with multiple layers of instruments and strange vocals, meandering like a musical river.
As a bonus we included four tracks which were recorded in studio Moskou in 2006, this was the first experiment with re-arranging improvisations afterwards.
All other tracks were recorded and mixed in 2023.

“this music gets you high!”
[the reaction of someone who heard premixes of the album]
Released: January 2024.

Musicians on this album are:
- Jan Muggen: vocal artist and effects
- Han Post: tenor and soprano sax, clarinet and bass clarinet
- Rob Verkooyen: guitar, artwork
- Marc Verhoeven: piano, synthesizers
- Daniel Talma: upright bass, drum programming, Chapman stick, production
- Gerard Tijnagel († 7/2021): electronic drums (tracks: 9,11, 13,14)

Unheard Concepts

Unheard Concepts is dedicated to a different way of creating music: music by chance.
This resulted in three different projects:

Unheard Concepts is a studio project: we organise jam sessions on a regular base, from time to time we record a session from start to end. The best parts of the multitrack recordings are afterwards sliced, edited and arranged to create music which feels both improvised and composed. Electronics and effects are essential ingredients, both during the improvisations and in the mix.

Unheard Music Concepts is a trio (piano, upright bass, woodwinds) that released several albums with fully improvised music and plays these tracks live, improvised. Acoustic music with a touch of electronics.

BeMixed! -a world wide experiment - was the first project that experimented with music and chance: basic (written) tracks of bass and drums were posted onlline, and musicians from all over the world added their tracks to these recordings, each without knowing what the others would do. In the BeMixed! studio all these contributions were edited to 16 tracks which feel both composed and improvised.


contact: Daniel Talma