Unheard Concepts

Unheard Music Concepts

Unheard Music Concepts is a trio that works the other way round. They start in the studio, and their studio albums are fully improvised with no agreements on chords, scales, tempo or beat. It is all about listening to and interacting with each other. Breaking the silence. Slowly...

Live they play a selection from the studio albums. Before they do, these tracks are rehearsed. As improvisations. This means that although they know the flow of the pieces, no performance is the same.
The music that results from this is hard to classify, keywords are ‘cinematic' and 'visual’ and of course improvisation. You’ll recognize classical themes, jazz scales, and world grooves.

Han Post: clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax
Marc Verhoeven: piano, electric piano
Daniel Talma: upright bass

They have released 8 albums, see the music page for discography, below a player with tracks from the last two albums. Their music has also been used in various videos, see the video page...


contact: Daniel Talma