Unheard Concepts


You can find all the albums below on all major digital music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon.
Part of the albums have been released under the name ‘Unheard Music Concepts’ while the last two albums have been released under ‘Unheard Concepts’.

The studio project: Unheard Concepts

Although we’ve been improvising and recording together for a long time, this is our first album in this setting. Recorded as one jam session, Daniel spent days cutting this mutltitrack session into small fragments, which were then combined and arranged to music we never played, but could have never been composed either.

14 tracks of undescribable music, ranging from rhythmic soundscapes to up tempo tracks with multiple layers of instruments, meandering like a musical river.
As a bonus we included four tracks which were recorded in studio Moskou in 2006, which was the first experiment with this kind of music creation. All other tracks were recorded and mixed in 2023.



The trio: Unheard Music Concepts

These albums contain improvised tracks only. Piano, upright bass, and saxophone or clarinet. And with improvised we mean 100% improvised. We do nog agree on scales, tempo, chords. We play and listen. All sessions are recorded to a mulittrack, afterwards the best parts are selected, edited and mixed.
The first albums were hardly edited, later albums contain some more edits.
The music that results from this is hard to classify, keywords are ‘cinematic’, 'visual’ and of course improvisation. You’ll recognize classical themes, jazz scales, and world grooves.

listen to the two latest albums here


september 2022


november 2020


april 2019


january 2018


march 2017


october 2016


june 2016


february 2016

The World Wide Experiment: BeMixed!

This album contains the 16 tracks that were the result of a the BeMixed! project:
23 musicians in total playing a wide range of instruments to some drums and bass tracks resulting in 16 tracks in kaleidoscopic styles.
Listen to the album here


contact: Daniel Talma